The League Championship Criteria

The Club Championship is open to all members having played in twenty (20) current rounds in the Championship year. Check the number of rounds played to date on the Index, Rounds Played & Flight Assignment Page. The current year started in June 2014 and concludes with the final Championship round in May 2015. 

There will be three (3) flights based on the handicap index:

Flight A Handicap range 0-18

Flight B Handicap range 18.1-26

Flight C Handicap range > 26

Flight D Handicap range Not used

Flight assignments are set at the time of the first round: however, members play with the current handicap in effect at the time of each round.  There are four (4) championship rounds played and the combined net score of the lowest three (3) Championship rounds a player posts will determine the Club Champion for each flight. All tournaments are run under USGA rules. 

The League Rules for all rounds of play

NO ROLLING IN THE ROUGH OR MOVING OF THE BALL IS ALLOWED EXCEPT IN YOUR OWN FAIRWAY. We do allow rolling in your own fairway during our weekly rounds so we will continue this policy in the Championship rounds.


The penalty for these are stroke and  distance.  You must rehit from the original spot. If you think you have hit OB or lost the ball, hit a provisional then go look for the ball. 

Your options are :1. to play it where it lays or add one penalty stroke to your score and either 2.  replay the shot  3. drop a ball behind the hazard along the line extended from the hole to where the ball crossed the hazard  4 /5. drop a ball within 2 club lengths of where
the ball crossed the hazard but not nearer the hole.

If your ball ends up in a water hazard with yellow stakes (good example Hillcrest #18) your options are:  1. play it where it lies without penalty or add one penalty stroke to your score and either 2. replay the shot or 3.  drop a ball behind the hazard anywhere along an imaginary line that extends from the hole to where the ball crossed the hazard.

Your options are adding one penalty stroke to your score and either:

1. Replay the shot

2. Drop a ball within two club lengths of where the ball lies but no closer to the hole.

3. Drop a ball behind the obstacle along the line extended from the hole as far back as you want on that straight line


Unplayable Lie

Aerated Greens

It is aeration time again in Florida and many golf courses are punching their greens; a very necessary agronomic practice to promote healthy greens. The problem is that aeration has consequences that may require some temporary rules or not often used rules to get you through this period. We have adopted the following rule:Description:

On the putting green, a ball that comes to rest in or one an aeration hole may be placed at the nearest spot not nearer the hole that avoids the situation.




Second, after the greens are aerated, the maintenance crew will top dress the greens with sand to help fill the holes caused by the aeration. This may cause a second issue. Can I move the sand?

The answer is yes, since the sand is a loose impediment when on the putting green. If the ball moves while moving a loose impediment on the putting green, there is no penalty and the ball must be replaced.

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